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Tools of Titans Timothy Ferriss. Her friend suggested she rush to the emergency room. It turned out that she was having a heart attack. She exercised, did not smoke, watched her plate. But on reviewing her medical history, I found that her cholesterol level was sky high. She had been prescribed a cholesterol-lowering statin medication, but she never picked up the prescription because of the scary things she had read about statins on the internet. She was the victim of a malady fast gearing up to be a modern pandemic — fake medical news.

The Great Physician's Rx for High Cholesterol

While misinformation has been the object of great attention in politics, medical misinformation might have an even greater body count. As is true with fake news in general , medical lies tend to spread further than truths on the internet — and they have very real repercussions. Numerous studies have shown that the benefits of statins far outweigh the risks , especially for people at high risk of heart disease.

But they have been targeted online by a disparate group that includes paranoid zealots, people selling alternative therapies and those who just want clicks. Innumerable web pages and social media posts exaggerate rare risks and drum up unfounded claims, from asserting that statins cause cancer to suggesting that low cholesterol is actually bad for health.

The nocebo effect is the opposite: Patients can experience adverse effects solely because they anticipate them. This is very true of statins. I n blinded trials , patients who get statins are no more likely to report feeling muscle aches than patients who get a placebo. Yet, in clinical practice, according to one study , almost a fifth of patients taking statins report side effects, leading many to discontinue the drugs.

What else is on the fake news hit list? As always, vaccines: According to one deceptive viral story this year, the body of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention epidemiologist washed up in a river after he had raised concerns about the flu vaccine.

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False concerns that the vaccine for human papillomavirus causes seizures and other side effects reduced coverage rates in Japan from 70 percent to less than 1 percent in recent years. Polio vaccinators in Pakistan are frequently attacked by militants because they think the vaccine is intended to sterilize the local population.

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  • Cancer is another big target for pushers of medical misinformation — many of whom are making money off alternative therapies.