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The Contract details section of the broker contract shows the conditions and the item that qualifies for brokerage. The contract Status has to be Approved to be applied to sales orders that meet its conditions. Because broker fee accruals are handled as a charge, you can also access the broker commission by opening the standard charges page from the sales order. When you post the invoice for the sales order, in addition to the regular sales invoice transactions, the following postings occur:.

The accrued broker fee posting can be viewed on the voucher transactions associated with the sales invoice journal. In this way, the vendor credit is passed to the regular payable processing. You can view all the claims on the Broker claims page. For each fee, the Qualified field specifies the amount of the fee that, after it's approved, will be paid to vendor of brokerage services.

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Note that the fields in the lower section of the page specify details about the originating sales invoice, such as the invoice number, invoice line net amount, and associated customer transactions. To approve a claim, in the Mark column, select the check box for the line. Then, on the Action Pane, select Approve.

An Expense journal posting has reversed the previous interim amount on both the accrual liability account and the accrual expense account. A broker claim invoice can be posted either automatically as part of the claim approval process or manually.

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The Manual posting field on the Broker and royalty tab of the Accounts payable parameters page specifies the policy that controls the posting behavior. As a result of posting the broker claim invoice, the expense account has been debited, and the vendor payable account has been credited.

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The expense account number is specified for the procurement category when purchase expenditure for expense posting is set up for purchase orders. The procurement category itself is defined on the Broker and royalty tab of the Accounts payable parameters page. On the Broker claims page, you can review the postings and documents associated with the claim, a vendor invoice number that was created for the broker. If the vendor invoice was posted automatically or manually , on the Invoices tab, the Date and Amount in transaction currency fields contain the appropiate values. If the invoice is still pending, those fields are blank.

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If the Approved field for the claim line contains the same amount as the Qualified field, whereas the Difference field contains 0, it means that the claim has no unsettled issues and can now be closed. A common requirement is that if the JMS broker goes down you want to automatically detect the failure and try to reconnect under the covers so that your application does not have to worry about reconnection.

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There is detailed documentation on this in Configuring Transports ; briefly…. Licensed under Apache License 2.

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Run Broker. However, Backman soon realizes that something is not quite kosher in this new setup, in that he is under constant surveillance. They intend to sit back and wait to see who kills him in an effort to solve the biggest mystery to hit the US government in decades: the question of who built this seemingly impenetrable and most advanced satellite ever. It turns out to be China; despite having low satellite technology, they stole the information from the U.

Backman barely survives several assassination attempts and manages to establish communication with his son, Neal. He escapes surveillance and returns to his home to contract a new deal with the US government. The CIA is told about the satellite, along with the taking of the satellite's program.

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In return, they agree to do what they can to get the countries targeting him to back off, though they caution him that some of them will not listen. Backman then covers his escape by pretending that he is resuming his old life, then quietly disappears and presumably returns to Italy. The Broker made number one on the New York Times bestseller list. A New York Times book review claimed that the description of an outgoing president who was "an idiot The description of the town of Bologna, Italy, in the novel is quite accurate; however, it contains a few mistakes.

For instance:.

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