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Scarlet Letter introduction. Scavenger Hunt for The Crucible. Which Witch Are You? National Geographic interactive online game. Witches, Warlocks, and the Salem Witch Trials — an interesting site with lots of background information on the witch trials. Thanks Ava for sharing this site with me! The Crucible movie questions. Crucible Post.

Ghost of only convicted witch in Virginia still haunts house in Virginia Beach. Background on Cotton Mather. Crucible Writing Assignments. Research Paper Skills concrete details commentary crucible. Terrorism Law McCarthyism. I have used many of your ideas. View Wish List View Cart. Results for the crucible act 3 activity Sort by: Relevance.

You Selected: Keyword the crucible act 3 activity. Grades PreK. Other Not Grade Specific. Higher Education. Adult Education. English Language Arts. Foreign Language. Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. The Crucible Act 3 Activities. Engage your students and challenge them to think critically about Act 3 of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible.

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English Language Arts , Reading , Literature. Add to cart. Wish List. Engage your students with a variety of activities for Act 3. Content focuses on characterization, changes in characters, and analysis of arguments. Activities , Assessment , Novel Study. These stations focus on the power structure, characterization, dramatic structure,.

The Crucible Act 2 Activities. Act 3 marks the climax Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible.

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John Proctor reveals his torturous secret, his affair with Abby, in an attempt to free his wife imprisoned on charges of witchcraft. Guide student's through the act with these higher-order thinking questions.

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This resource is a great readi. Worksheets , Activities , Novel Study. The Crucible Act 3 Vocabulary List.

The Crucible Act 3 VocabularyUse the words in sentences. English Language Arts , Vocabulary , Literature. Worksheets , Activities , Assessment. The Crucible: Act 3 Discussion Activity. My Junior English classes do a lot of their own thinking and breaking down of the text which is how I came up with this discussion strategy. I wanted them to discuss the play as a whole group, but I found that they were not confident enough to discuss the questions for more than one minute.

That is. English Language Arts , Literature. Activities , Handouts , Assessment. The Crucible Act 3 Quote Analysis. This activity can be done in groups, solo, or used as class notes during discussions. Activities , Handouts , Homework. The Crucible Act 3 Trial Notes. This guided reading activity is designed to help students process important information about characters and events in The Crucible.

The assignment can be used as an interactive guided reading activity for in-class reading or as an assessment following at-home reading. Students will review key vocab. The Crucible Act Three Packet. Comprehension Questions and irony in the play.

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  5. English Language Arts , Drama , Literature. I created these study questions because I felt there was a lack of rigorous assessment while conducting a class read.

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    I adapted reading questions with Springboard graphic organizers, because I found that it increased student participation and streamlined the unit. I've used them for English 3 Honors. Activities , Assessment , Graphic Organizers.